Hello, my name is Joey Contreras, and I am a child of God. 4th generation native to Phoenix, AZ. I’m the youngest of four with an amazing family. My hope is that I’ll be a source of inspiration, the same way I have been inspired by others.

I’ve named this blog “Words of Audacity” because I intend to be audacious for Jesus. As defined, audacity means “the willingness to take extraordinarily bold risks, being fearless, daring, or courageous.” As I share my journey through life with you as a child of God, a man, a son, a brother, an uncle, a godfather, a banker, my desire is that you’ll get to see a clearer image of Jesus through me & my writings.

Things I love include art, poetry, vanilla ice cream, Batman, Almond Joys, photography, movies, jazz, merlot, people watching, the Bible, & coffee.


One thought on “About

  1. Tanya M.

    Joey, what an awesome dude you are! I’m so inspired by who you are in Christ. Hope you don’t mind that I called you super sweet, because I did. I just nominated you and your Words of Audacity for a “Super Sweet Blogger Award” in my latest blog post >> http://wp.me/p2Nzoh-SW. 🙂


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