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Critical Life Decisions

Critical Life Decisions JRR

I cannot even begin to tell you what your life is going to look like. I mean who the heck am I? I’m just some guy who wrote a blog that you’re reading. Thanks, by the way.

I do know however that our lives have meaning. You & I are indeed serving a purpose on this rock. Good or bad; aware or oblivious. Your family, friends, coworkers, & even that homeless guy you pass every now & then all have a purpose. But what is our purpose & how does one go about finding it? That leads me to my next question…

What are you doing with your life?

This question dominates the minds of young adults. I have to admit, that question is daunting to me at times. Here I am, a twenty something with my whole life ahead of me. What to do, what to do… Decisions, decisions… Briefly think of some elderly people you know. Most of them speak primarily of their past don’t they? Well, that’s because the majority of their “timeline” is their past. See, the timeline of a young adult, like me, is mostly their future.

Allow me to talk about my future for a brief moment. Bear with me, because I think you’ll find value. I distinctively remember that moment when I discovered my purpose – the reason why I was created. Truly, it was an amazing thing. It was on a Wednesday at a Starbucks, & I was with a good friend. I even remember that we sat on the two brown couches to the right of the entrance. (People who know me say I typically don’t remember anything of detail.  But I do. I remember important things, like couches.) Long story short, my friend asked me all the right questions at just the right time. Probing me. Kindling a wildfire in my heart. I realized I didn’t really discover anything new that day. Rather, my deepest passions were awakened. It was like someone literally flicked on the light switch.

I’d like to provide some thought provoking questions that could help you brush away the unwanted or distracting fluff that’s covering your next step in discovering your purpose. You should definitely ask yourself and reflect (however long it takes) on these:
-what am I most passionate about?
-is it physically possible to do?
-really, what’s stopping me from doing it?
-am I short changing or limiting myself? why?
-is it moral? honorable?
-what skills am I lacking?
-what resources am I lacking?
-what kind of time commitment is this going to require from me?
-how can I pursue this while maintaining my current responsibilities?

One very important thing to keep in mind is if you’re precious little heart burns for something without the capacity of sustaining your life, you can start your purpose “part-time” for a little while. Or use this time of preparation to build a foundation you can rest on. Start small, think BIG.  Don’t short change yourself into an unfulfilling life. Settling will suffocate your soul. Go have, what I like to call, a coffee shop talk with a good friend.

All the Best,
Joey C.

Romans 12:1-2